Moisturizing Liquid Soap

Moisturizing Liquid Soap

I have been making soap bars for years now. I love making them, it is fun and you get to be creative. But when I travel it is hard to bring them with me. If I stay in a hotel and want to use my soap, I have to pack it wet and well it can be a hassle. As much as I love my soap bars, I decided to branch out.

It was a little intimidating to begin with - liquid soap! The process takes a lot longer than my bars of soap. From beginning to end it can take 48 hours. To make liquid soap, you need to make a concentrated soap paste first. It takes a different type of lye than bar soap as well. When I make soap bars I use sodium hydroxide, but for liquid soap you will need potassium hydroxide. I use the cold processed method for my soap bar making and hot processed for my liquid soap making. Hot Process uses an external heat source to bring the soap  to gel phase, where it is then poured into the mold. This is contrary to cold process , which does not use external heat; the heat is internally generated during saponification and the soap  may or may not go into gel phase.

It has been a fun and exciting new adventure. I have managed to create three fabulous liquid soaps, with more to come. Right now we have a Strawberry Body Wash made with cocoa butter. It feels amazing and has a great lather. Then we have 2 hand soaps, which are great for guest bathrooms. A Spearmint (my favorite) and a Strawberry

Next we will be coming out with some natural cleansers for the house! I can't wait, I will keep you updated!!

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