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Hanna Herbals

Amber Noir Lotion

Amber Noir Lotion

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 Amber Noir - Our lotion is a sweet and sultry fusion of creamy vanilla and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk. Complex, intriguing and sensual.

We use only certified organic materials in our lotions, scrubs and cleansers. Our lotions are made from almond oil, avocado butter, aloe vera gel, distilled water and essential oils.

Ingredients: meadow foam oil, almond oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, distilled water, glycerin, stearic acid, oat extract, essential oils, karitin

"Third time I got the amber noir lotion. I love love it. Smells so nice and feels great on. I want a barrel of this stuff!!"

"smells sooo good. do you sell a larger size??"

"Everything about this is exactly as you wish for from fragrance to softening on the skin. The deep notes evolve on my skin from the time I put a tiny bit on to hours later. This is quality at its best."

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