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Moisturizing organic lip balm

Moisturizing organic lip balm

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Moisturizing Lip Balm - You can get our fabulous lip balm in pappermint or tangerine. Our lip balms come in a set of five. These make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts. All of our lips balms are made from Calendula infused Oils. Calendula is an invaluable herb, it helps promote cell repair. So even in the middle of winter, you can have soft and healthy lips. We also use organic Coconut Oil, it is very moisturizing and organic bees wax. Our materials were either grown here organically on our farm or we purchase them from reputable companies here in the USA that certify that they are organic. We take great care to provide you with only the best ingredients.

We grow many of herbs here, they are hand picked with love and dried in our special herb room. Our herbs are stored in air tight containers and stay in a dark cool room. This insures there freshness and eliminates any damage the sun might do to them.

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