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Hanna Herbals

Under Eye Concealer

Under Eye Concealer

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Concealer - An all natural, mineral make up, under eye and blemish concealer. Our concealer works hand in hand with our powder foundation. Just select the same color as your foundation. When it arrives you will notice it is a tad lighter than the foundation. This will help brighten the under eye area and help provide a more flawless look.

With a brush, apply a small amount under you eye and on any problem areas you wish to hide. If you are using the color corrector, you can then apply it and then finally your foundation. If you are wishing to hide wrinkles under your eye, mix a bit of the concealer with an eye cream before applying. If you want to use concealer to camouflage dark under eye circles, acne, scarring or redness, you can apply it with either a damp or dry concealer brush. If you are applying it under your eyes, dot the concealer on your skin starting near the tear ducts and moving outward. Blend by either patting with your finger or dabbing with a sponge. You can then add some finishing powder on top of the concealer to set it.

Each of our concealers come in a resealable container with sifter. So it is easy to take with you.
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