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Vanilla Foundation

Vanilla Foundation

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Vanilla Foundation - Our Vanilla Foundation has hints of peaches and cream, it works well with warm and neutral undertones, it also works well as a pale matte eye shadow. This foundation is good for people with light complexions. Our mineral foundation can be worn as a loose powder or as a liquid foundation. You get to control how much coverage you get. Some days your skin may feel oily and some days it may feel dry. Now you can choose which option is best for your skin that day and have beautiful coverage. If you use the serum with the powder it will make the powder a tad darker. If you scroll through the pictures you will see a picture of me wearing this shade powder but mixed with the serum.

We make a lovely liquid serum that you can purchase with your powder. Just a few drops of the serum, mix with some of the powder and apply to your face. You can make the foundation more sheer by adding more of the serum, or if it is one of those days you can make the foundation thicker by using less serum. 

Our foundation is light, I forget I have it on. It comes off very easily at the end of the day, but really has lasting power all day long. It even held up nicely in a hot and humid greenhouse.


Ingredients: sericite, titanium dioxide, silica, yellow iron dioxide, red iron dioxide, ultramarine blue

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