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Bamboo Sugar Scrub

Bamboo Sugar Scrub

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Bamboo Sugar Scrub - Bamboo Scented -Fresh and dewy; flowering bamboo is mingled with a variety of white florals, sparkling citrus and fresh green accords. Meticulously formulated with natural plant extracts, vitamins and antioxidants, the luxurious, nondrying sugar scrub gently cleanses and moisturizes skin, leaving it feeling soft, revitalized and refreshed. Each body wash comes packaged in a clear 12 oz bail jar with easy opening lid.

Our sugar scrub are made in small batches using premium ingredients. In this product we used our whipped soap, apricot oil, cocoa nut milk, sugar and bamboo fragrance. The color is made with green mineral oxide. It is not staining and is an all-natural oxide we get from France.

If you like to layer your scent. We also make a lovely Bamboo Lotion. It is light and fresh smelling, soaks into the skin easily without leaving a greasy feel behind.

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