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Hanna Herbals

Facial Steaming Herbs

Facial Steaming Herbs

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Herbal facial Steamer for Sensitive skin- Facial steams are great way to clean out your pores, detoxify your skin and get the beneficial nutrients that are inside of the herbs. You simply take 3 tablespoons of the herb mixture, add it to boiling water, hang a towel over your head and position your face 18 inches above the steaming water. Rest like this for 10 minutes or longer. When you are done wipe your face off and apply moisturizer. It is best if you do this in evening, when you won't be going outside or putting make up on. If you have dry or sensitive skin do this once a week.
nt wt 3 ounces

In the Sensitive Skin Herbal Steam Pack we have:

Chamomile - for a soothing and gentle cleansing - helps soften the skin - reduces inflammation

Lemon Balm - renews health and enlivens the brain, gently reduces oil on the skin

Lavender - soothes irritated skin, is an antiseptic, will gently help fight acne

Marsh Mallow - helps keep moisture in the skin


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