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Dirt and Grease Remover - Hand Scrub

Dirt and Grease Remover - Hand Scrub

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Hand Scrub - An Orange scented hand scrub, great for removing grease and dirt. My husband loves to work on engines and cars, it's his hobby. His hands get so greasy and dirty, he had been using a store bought pumice scrub, but it was drying out his hands. So I went to work in my studio and came out with this great pumice scrub. It removed the grease from his hands on the first try. He uses it everyday and loves the fact that it does not dry his hands out the way commercial products do. I use it too, but I use it to remove the dirt from hands when I have been gardening. It feels amazing! The fine grade pumice leaves my hands clean and they feel so soft! I scented it with Orange Essential Oils so it it would be a unisex product. Plus orange just smells clean to me.

To use it, just wet your hands, scoop a small amount out and rub your hands together, then rinse! Easy as can be. It comes in a wide mouth jar for easy access. Each jar weighs 8 ounces and will last you a long time. Just a little bit goes a long way!

We used a whipped body wash base, pumice, apricot oil, almond oil, vitamin e oil, and lemon essential oil. It has a nice lather and rinses off very quickly. This will be your new favorite product this summer!!!

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